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  Assistive Technology Evaluations

AssistiveTek, L.L.C. offerers a full complement of services in the area of assistive technology. AssistiveTek , L.L.C. is frequently contracted to perform assistive technology evaluations to help assess the student's needs. Depending on the focus of the evaluation they can be performed in our office or in the school.

  Assistive Technology Consulting Services

AssistiveTek, L.L.C. is available for ongoing consulting to help your staff implement both hardware and software solutions into the classroom. AssistiveTek consults to many public and private schools and references are available on request.

  Professional Staff Development and Inservice Programs

AssistiveTek, L.L.C. is available to provide both full and half day workshops on assistive technology. To see the range of workshop available, just click on the Presentations and Workshops .

  Valued Added Reseller (VAR)

AssistiveTek, LLC carries unique hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of students with a wide range of cognitive and learning disabilities.